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Gathering together the games I mentioned in a couple of posts in the "Shawn's funny link repository" thread:

Portal, the Flash Version
Exactly what it sounds like- a 2D version of the game Portal, where you have to clevely figure out how to use your dimensional-rift-making gun to help you escape each level.

A simple concept executed extremely well with a very serene atmosphere. You're a microorganism. Become a bigger one by gobbling othe microorganisms. The way that the game shows blurred things moving around in the background (which is actually the next playble level, where you'll face of against tougher organisms) is effective at reminding one of looking at a microscope slide.

The Institution - Psychiatry for Abused Cuddly Toys
This is a wierd but amusing game I found where you're a psychologist for traumatized stuffed animals. Some of the animations, especially the dream sequences and the hallucinations, are pretty funny. So far I've solved the sheep, the turtle, and the alligator. Tip: If you mess things up and the patient goes catatonic or something, click under the bed to bring out the electroshock machine to to, um, reset him. =P

This is a platform puzzle type game but with a very unusual twist and a creepy atmosphere. Some of the puzzles get pretty tricky.
I got to the level where "WE'RE TRYING TO HELP" is written on the wall before quitting. (I was a few seconds from completing that level when I messed something up, and I didn't feel like playing though the level all over again.)
edit: Went back and finished it. Really clever and original game.

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