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> > i was at a competition thursday-saturday and i actually
> won
> > something, my friend and i got 1st place in the event
> where
> > we had to build a bridge or a tower. this year they told
> us
> > to build a bridge with a under carriage. well anywayz, me
> > and my friend's bridge held 3833 times its weight. the
> > closest to beating us was in the highschool division "we
> are
> > in the jr high division because of shortate of space at
> the
> > high school" we got to hear the h.s. people say "damn, a
> > couple of jr. high kids beat us" hehehehe
> >
> Sweet! What materials were allowed, and in what quantities,
> and what was the span?

we had six 2 foot long 1/8" balsa wood
4-8 oz of glue

it had to be 12" long and at least 3" wide, at least1" high and atleast a 1" under carriage

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