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Hell yeah it's a long time, but I found this topic interesting.

If these XAS files are combined XA files without headers you should find out whether there are same length blocks per track, that would be easy then. It would mean that you have some start / stop codes which determine the beginning and the ending of each block. These would be the pointer adresses used by the disk IO to get the correct sound.

It could also be that there ARE some meta informations in these areas which tell the system how long the track is.

If you are unlucky you may really have the whole bunch of tracks in a line. But THEN there should be some tracklist or lookup table which point to the correct adresses. It depends on how the programmer has arranged and organized it.

To find this kind of lookup table you have to find the filenames inside another file as a list, maybe with alias names like track01 or so but in any case there must be a mapping.

If I am right you do not need to scan for each call of the proper sound but only for this list. It would make more sense in terms of system architecture to have some static list or config which can be loaded instead of calling each sound directly.
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