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Default Re: Question for Christians who Oppose Gay Marriage

> (which is, by definition, the union of a man and a woman).

Um. In the approximately 2 minutes I spent researching this, I found that the definitions of the words marriage, wedlock, and matrimony are more commonly explained as a union "between two people" or "any close union" as opposed to "between a man and a woman." example:
"Syn: Matrimony; wedlock; wedding; nuptials.
Usage: {Marriage}, {Matrimony}, {Wedlock}. Marriage is
properly the act which unites the two parties, and
matrimony the state into which they enter. Marriage
is, however, often used for the state as well as the
act. Wedlock is the old Anglo-Saxon term for
Webster's revised only mentions "man and woman" one time in their definition. The Oxford English Dictionary, the definitive authority on the English language, never did specify marriage as being between a man and a woman.

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