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Default Re: Holosseum, and Time Traveler

> Heh, well...I personaly feel emulation of it or this port
> make the game pointless...the whole reason to play it was
> the fact that it was a hologram. I remember just wanting to
> play it in the arcade for that reason alone.

Well it wasn't exactly holograms. It was a regular arcade monitor that used a special reflective mirror to make it seem like you were looking at holograms. It should be perfectly possible to buy an average mirror and angle it just right to get the desired effect.

Of course, if someone with a genuine cabinet could take some measurements and put basic schematics onto a webpage somewhere, it would help a lot.

Strangely, it seems that Holosseum did at least some of the effects on the actual monitor (check out the MAWS shots). What's the story with that?

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