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Default Re: FF8: PSX or PC?

> Yeah, emus will never look like the REAL thing. There will
> always be some 'little' flaws.

No offense, but emulators *do* make the games look *much* better than the real games. Either you have not done it yet, or you used the wrong plugings/wrong configurations.

ePSXe +
Pete'S OGL 1.75 GPU (latest as of now) +
Eternal SPU +
scph1001 BIOS .

Turn on 2xSaI, Bilinear filtering (the first one looks best), Alpha Multi Pass, Advanced Blending, put all that in 1024x768 (or higher), turn on Anti-aliasing in your control panel (not from the emu), and you'll never go back to your real PSX.

Yes, in certain games there are flaws, mostly minor but it happens. Those flaws usually show on pre-rendered backgrounds. Some say that using a multiple of the PSX's innate resolution (320x240) does the trick - I havent tried yet.

As for 3D graphics...well, you have to see to believe. A 3D-only game = very nice.

In any case, the only reason I can see for using the real PSX is that its more comfortable than being on a computer chair, and you're not tempted to cheat (save-states or GS codes). And of course, you need a PC gamepad or you're stuck using your keyboard (which works well, but isnt comfortable)

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