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Default Re: Anti-social Personality Disorder

> As for BI, I never really understood that. Choose a team!

You'd think so, but the idea of gender is simply an idea created by the binary opposition of "male" and "female", which is only a distinction made by language. In truth, gender is only a spectrum. Every female has male qualities, and every male has female qualities. So to say that someone is "male" or "female" is limiting, in that they have characteristics of each within each "gender". The concept of "male" and "female" are actually obsolete now that reproducing does more harm to the world than good. So, we can discard notions of gender in the hopes of creating a new hermaphrodite race of individuals with personalities that are by default balanced between what are now considered female and male characteristics, so they don't have the personality imbalance caused by being "male" or "female" exclusively.
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