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Default Re: Can you see a vampire through a one way mirror?

> So you propose I spend $100 + price of batteries for a
> single game? No thanks. There's not a video game on the
> planet worth that much money.

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There's something called a "killer app". It happens for every console.

> Well duh. That's pretty much what I said before: "because
> I'm sure as hell not buying the game." If the game and
> system were free... then of course I'd get them. So
> obviously I'm just not willing to pay for it.


> Like I said... the game will be just as much fun 2 or 4 or
> however many years from now as it would be if I played it
> today. If waiting means saving $100, then it looks like I'm
> going to wait.

I don't see you having a whining fest about getting a console for a game you like; those cost more.

> Did I ever say it would be? I'm sure using the mouse will
> be good enough for me.

Have you used MS paint at all??? Surely that would show you how clunky a mouse is when precision is needed.

> I can understand that. A dollar is worth a lot more to some
> people than you think. My income is very low and I'm not
> willing to throw away $100 on a whim on something I KNOW
> will be free a bit further down the road. So I'll wait for
> the price to come down some more -- until it's at $0.

You think you have low income? I DON'T GET MONEY UNLESS IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!! Any other time, and I'm "SOL". I get $200 annually, so don't bitch about having a low income. I spent my whole christmas budget on a DS and 2 games, which unfortunately didn't include DoS.

> You mean the perfect opportunity like it being available for
> free on the internet with a functioning emulator? That IS
> what I'm waiting for.


> They're too small. They're awkward for me to use and the
> screen is tiny. They hurt my neck after using them for more
> than 30 minutes. I prefer to be able to sit in a chair and
> look straight forward at a nice, big, easy to see monitor
> rather than sit crouched over and squint.

Then hold it up above your head on a sofa. Surely you CAN do that, right?

P.S. The gasoline has been started.
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