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Default Re: What to look for in a television?

> No *TRUE* PC input, but just get yourself a DVI->HDMI cable
> from newegg and it'll do great. I just bought one about a
> month ago and I have had ZERO problems with it. A most
> excellent TV for the price.

Sounds great, but it only does me any good if I can get one here in England. I also don't see any SCART sockets in the specs I've seen for this, which is a worry given that we have a grand total of seven pieces of electronics all using SCART connectors right now. I'm sure I could migrate some of those over to other connectors, but the all important Sky Digiboxes don't seem to come with provisions for any other sort of connection (unless we go HD, and fuck £10 a month for eight extra channels).
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