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Default Re: What to look for in a television?

I agree with the recommendation of Sharp in regards to picture/colour quality, but I would also like to add that Philips seems to have FANTASTIC sound quality compared to other TV sets, including at least a few sets with simulated surround sound... At least, I think it's simulated, but from how well it works (I've had to do a double-take when I've heard some sound effects while watching TV, and it's been pretty excellent to game on) I can't REALLY be sure. <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif> I only mention this because I went TV shopping with my mother a year or two back, and we were looking more for sound quality than anything else. We went through a Best Buy's TV aisle just listening to the sound, and the Philips units really stood out. They also have extremely good colour quality, close to Sharp's; what sold my mom on the set we got from them is that blacks actually look black on their sets, something many companies gloss over. The image quality itself is also pretty high, even on their CRTs. At any rate, I would say that Philips TVs are also reasonably priced, but I'll admit a bit of ignorance regarding that, since at the time we got that TV we weren't too interested in moving to HD. <img src=smilies/erm.gif>

So, that's my two cents. Philips or Sharp, I would say, and I think Sony would be in third place, since they certainly do monitors right.
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