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Default What to look for in a television?

We are getting two new televisions soon, and I've managed to hammer home the point that high definition is the future so both are going to be 'HD Ready'. They're also going to be 32 inch units, because we decided that was a reasonable size.

But aside from that, I'm not exactly sure what I should be looking for.

For the one I want in my room, I've decided going any further without surround sound would be unacceptable, so I want that. But do I actually need Dolby Digital? I'd also like PC input very much. The one downstairs won't need those two, but HDMI will be essential on both (I don't have to like HDCP, but I do have to accept it eventually).

But despite knowing what I want here, I'm not exactly sure which brand and which model to go for to get the best balance of value, quality, and features. That's why I'm asking here, in the hope I can make the best choice from day one on these two purchases.
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