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Default Wii System Update 3.4

Yet again, Nintendo has released a system update for the Wii that has potentially dire consequences for homebrew applications. System 3.4 causes the following issues:
  • The Twilight Hack 0.1beta1 cannot be copied to the console.
  • PatchMii is now blocked entirely.
  • Rogue channels (such as the DVDx 'hidden channel') are removed.

Pirated channels are also removed and blocked, which may be the intention of the update in the first place. The Homebrew Channel, if it was already installed, is not removed, which indicates that Nintendo does not intend to kill homebrew outright. The Twilight Hack, PatchMii, and DVDx will likely have a workaround for the new system update before too long, but until that happens, you may want to avoid permitting system updates or disconnect the Wii from your network entirely.

The update improves the Wii's previously atrocious SD support, which is a boon.

Thanks go to The 9th Sage who pointed this out.
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