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Default genesis rom corrupting/hacking issues

Hi all, after several months of utilizing programs and docs from Zophar, I've worked myself into a corner and decided to actually register and see if any of you can help me. My goal, in short, is to successfully corrupt several genesis/MD roms and video capture the graphical glitches to use in a video project. Unfortunately, I've found out that genesis roms are very prone to crashing when any data in the rom is edited. Corrupt and Erosion have been good tools, but I'm kinda shooting in the dark when it comes to parameters to try. I've been assuming that the portion of the code that assembles the background and sprite layers according to the level and character's position is what I'm looking for, and possibly something to do with the VRAM, if that is possible. Could anyone give me some tips on the subject, and let me know whether data location in ROMs changes depending on the game?
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