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Default Re: Game Genie

found a few sites with some information.

zsnes (snes9x also) doesn't check for rom/ram limitations in codes, it simply takes them and applies them to zsnes's variables. rom is mapped very close to ram in the cpu, so a par code can access it through improper emulation. in the end you're basing your program off the results of a quick hack job in an emulator. zsnes emulates the snes, not the par or gg, it just converts their codes to work. so if you're gonna have a program to create codes for gg then you mine as well make sure they work on a real gg. read up some more. I have a par and have 'converted' codes that don't work on it but do in zsnes. goldfinger works the same way as gg but has less addressable rom area. you can't base results on incompletely emulated devices, your goal should be the hardware.
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