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Default Re: Game Genie

> so what's this par 2 gg code converter I found on the
> internet? well game code will somtimes take the easy way out
> and simply decrement a memory location. the asm command for
> this is dec xxxx, so this program will search through the
> entire rom looking for asm code which decrements a memory
> location. it only worked like once for me.

I'm pretty sure you're wrong. My program I just wrote correctly converts between PAR and GG codes.

Game Genie codes and PAR codes both modify CPU addresses, not ROM addresses. Goldfinger codes, however, modify ROM addresses and can't address RAM, so PAR codes that address 7E0000-7FFFFF can't work. I've just made a program that can convert any code that's Game Genie, PAR, or Goldfinger into a valid code in all formats (except Goldfinger, in which case it must be in ROM and within the first 8Mbit of the ROM). However, it could be that ZSNES's emulation allows invalid Game Genie codes to work, because otherwise I can't explain codes I've converted from PAR to GG and GG to PAR having the exact same effect. I don't have a real Game Genie to test it out on.
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