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Default Re: Game Genie

snes game genie and par codes CANNOT be converted to each other. the game genie modifies a byte in the snes rom, meaning you're changing the asm code or a value permanently stored in the rom. it's like taking a rom and changing a byte with a hex editor.

par codes modify memory, they force a value in memory to always be the same. rom is not covered in this memory area, only ram.

so how can there be infinite lives codes for both game genie and par? well par will take the value stored in memory, and always force it to say 3. game genie will modify the rom so the dec mem:area is overwritten with nop. there's no correlation between the location of asm code in a rom and the address it modifies.

so what's this par 2 gg code converter I found on the internet? well game code will somtimes take the easy way out and simply decrement a memory location. the asm command for this is dec xxxx, so this program will search through the entire rom looking for asm code which decrements a memory location. it only worked like once for me.
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