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If you want to test:

To compile it in Cygwin, you'll need to install at least gcc and make(maybe others?) via Cygwin's setup/package management program. Then ZIP up the resulting executable, the configuration file, and the Cygwin distributable DLL. Your friend should extract it to its own directory, start a command prompt, cd to the directory, and run it like: mednafen-server.exe standard.conf

Then when Mother 3 is loaded in Mednafen, both you and your friend(friend should connect first to actually play) will need to hit the "T" key, type in: /server friends_ip_address_here

Your friend will need to open or map port 4046 on any firewalls or NAT devices in the way.

There may be enough additional latency to break the rhythm part of battles, though, as the network play server runs asynchronous to updates from the clients.

Also: Since network play uses save states to synchronize clients upon connecting, any save game you have will be overwritten by the save game of the first connecting player.
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