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Man this is the kind of stuff the kills so many hacks. I personally had an idea to hack Pokémon once, but quicky discovered all the Pokémon/Trainer graphics were compressed except Mew and gave up.

Really, some one ought to make an update to a program like tile layer pro to include common graphic compression routines for NES/SNES/GB/ect., so you don't run in to this problem so much. The fact that you need to to find silly special programs that often get old for one off games gets old. Mario World had one which you had to use with Lunar Magic to do it's sprites. Infact it was supposed to do Zelda to but I never got it work that way. It ended up easier to just view the sprite table in Hyrule Magic after it was released. Point is there are common compression schemes but never do tile programs handle them.

Oh and yes it'd probably be inserted file libraries for specific game/companies. At leased that's the way programs like Susie work for viewing all those wonky graphics formats japanese pc games have.

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