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The emu Db really needs to become a wiki.

I've been visiting ZD since I was 16 (back in 1996!), so it's kind of ingrained in my mind that this is the site to visit for finding emulators. I just upgraded my iMac to Lion, and so of course I came here to see if there were any updated emus for Lion, knowing that many of the ones I've relied on over the years wouldn't work. But while I did find that SNES9x was updated to 1.53 (which works great under Lion! yay!), I came up empty on a GameBoy emulator. Knowing that ZD isn't always the quickest with updating the emu Db, I went to Google and found [url][/url] referenced in a forum thread, which is basically an Intel port of Visual Boy Advance (that works under Lion! w00t!).

Which go me thinking: if the emu Db was a wiki, then when new emus are found or old ones are updated, then lowly site visitors like myself could help keep it up to date without having to bother the site admins.
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