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Originally Posted by Kilyle View Post
I got this, at 0000 EFD0:

King monster the and you have a to ing ill an in on is er re ou st th he me en ed be e t s d y I the

Oddly enough, that looks like all the multi-character values I have on my chart. So I think we found the right spot.

Question is, what to do with it? Hmm hmm hmm.

Pattern-wise, I see that they've put the letters up, together with any spaces, between 00's. That... doesn't tell me much.

Should I be scanning through it with Tile Molester now, or is there more code stuff to be done first?
Edit one of those and then insert the value into an easily accessible text block and you'll see that editing that table you found (in this case, by table, I'm referring to the table that lists all of the words assigned to individual byte values) will change the text in the game. (For instance, I randomly changed one byte in the girl's text to D0, which printed out the word 'King' in place of one letter of her original text. Then I edited the word 'King' in the aforementioned table and changed it to 'Ring', loaded up the game again and lo-and-behold, the girl was now saying Ring instead of King.

Depending on how the game is coded, you may simply be able to short/lengthen the words used, as long as you don't use more total space than already allotted to the entire table and place a 00 between each word. If that doesn't work, then there is likely a pointer table that specifies the length of each word.

To learn about pointers, your best bet is probably The Mad Hacker's Guide to Pointers which is horribly formatted and really old yet still contains valid, useful information. I've been meaning to write an updated pointer guide, but haven't gotten around to doing so yet. But, basically, play around with that MTE table and see what happens.
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