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Default Re: "Drug" Poll

> How often do you use illegal drugs?

I tried pot once... I fondly remember it having no effect other than the mad dash for something to get the god-awful taste of smoke out of my mouth and lungs. I ate quite a sizeable chunk of parmesan cheese as a result. It worked, kinda. Other than that, never.

> How often do you use medical drug for fun (over the counter stuff)?

OMG DXM (you have to be kidding me) - never.

> How often do you use alcohol?

I used to have a couple wine coolers a month, but ever since I got started on this low-carb kick, I haven't had any at all.

> How often do you smoke?

Having grown up with a mother who smoked a pack or more daily, I was disgusted by this filthy habit at a young, impressionable age. I can't stand inhaling something so vile. Last time I smoked anything was New Year's Eve 1998, which was a clove, which caused teh vomitus, and a reinforcement that smoking is bad. (of course I also half-blame the sangria, but eh. mm, pink vomit.)

> How often do you use caffeine?

*glances over at can of diet mt. dew on desk* er... one can daily. :\ No sugar though...! Yeah, I know. I hate coffee, unless it has "mocha" somewhere in the name. Nowhere to get that locally though, so...

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