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Default Re: Using TV as monitor for comp.

> LCD TV's don't suck--even with using S-Video. And some
> analog TV's aren't so bad with 800x600 res, just be prepared
> to use large fonts.

I use my laptop with S-video-out for gaming on my CRT TV all the time, and even when I'm not gaming, I also find 800x600 to be fairy manageable for most tasks. S-video has a maximum bandwidth of 480i, though, so if that's what you want to use all the time, you pretty much need to be in 640x480 or you'll lose too much detail for some things.

For full usage in higher resoutions, you NEED a TV capable of at least 720i/p, and either a component transcoder or native VGA inputs on the TV. My CRT was advertised as supporting up to 700 lines of horizontal resolution, but I would still recommend getting a true HD display.
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