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Default Developing an ff6 mod

I'm working on an interesting ff6 mod, and before I begin, I need to see how possible some of my ideas are. My aim here is to evaluate the workload and know of any impossibilties.

If anyone here has any information on the following, post it here or contact me please.

1) change magitek into a multiple skills set called "special". Edgar, gau, and shadow currently have it. I'm assuming each character can have a different "special" skill set, since Terra has more magitek abilities in the actual game? Are these abilties always free to use and quick to cast, or can these things change?

2) I want to change "slots" into "pray", and give it to relm. Pray gives random all party white magic effects, such as life 3, shell/protect, blink, and cure 3. (maybe Holy or all-Holy (holy=pearl) as the 777 swap).
How feasable is this?

3) I want to change "absolute zero" into a magic spell. Can it be done? Do I have to make a new spell mimicing it?

4) I want to make dance good. Really good, to balance out tripping and the overall awfulness of dancing. Can I change all of the dance abilities? Can I change the number of abilities per terrain? Can I change the %chance to use?

5) can I make it so that stealing an item from a monster has any effect on that monster? I want to change "capture" into "gouge" (or some synonym) that, when you successfully steal from the enemy, it puts a dot on them for the rest of the fight. Doable? Can I at least inflict poison in this manner? Can I do anything at all?

6) I want to make runic good. Some ideas:
- cast a spell once atb returns after using runic
- cast a spell at the start of using runic
- runic lasts until it is used (can use abilties after using once)
- runic is randomly used after attacking, or taking some other action
any of this doable?

7) I want to change swordtech abilties. I know swordtech speed can be increased, but can I change the abilities? Can I at least change the properties on the existing abilities?

That's it, for now. Any feedback at all would be appreciated.

-prius omega
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