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I've been stuck with Halo 3 for the longest time now. It's great for short bursts between classes (as well as relieving stress during finals week). Started the Reach Beta too which isn't half bad.
And I occasionally play New Super Mario Bros with my girl.

For the summer, though, I have mad plans! On top of working, fixing up my Firebird, I plan on finally beating Majora's Mask.

That game has just been the ugly duckling of the series to me and I've never got past the first temple. I know when I get to the meat of the story I'll enjoy's just a matter of doing it.
I actually attempted to get into it over Christmas but my Gamecube version kept on crashing on my Wii. Words of wisdom: do not use cMIOS on your Wii or MM will crash when you face the skull kid.
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