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Default Re: Response to Ghidion Zhi

*sigh* If no one else is willing, I guess I'll just hafta learn myself. But, I'm a total n00b at such things. I get migranes from hex-editing saves. For me, its not even a matter of having it say "Secret of Mana 2" I just don't like the way the current font looks on my TV. Hell, I made another one that has the romaji title... >__<
I can be just as much of a bitchy, elitist japan-o-phile over stuff as anyone else, like the horrible english dub of Naruto on Cartoon Network that lacks the j-pop intros, or the fact Jakotsu in Inuyasha sounds like a chick even though he's supposed to be a guy. But this? It doesn't upset me. Its just a title screen, and I doubt a title screen hack, color pallete hack, or english audio hack is going to single-handedly destroy your community.

> I think the point is that Neill's title screen is beautiful
> There's no real reason to change its style.
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