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Default Re: Response to Audigy.

I think the point is that Neill's title screen is beautiful enough as it is, and I tend to agree. While it doesn't necessarily conform to the fluid style of the other titles of the other English Mana games, it matches perfectly with the style of the original Japanese SD3's title screen. There's no real reason to change its style. The point was to produce an accurate representation of the Japanese game in English and the current title does that exquisitely.

There's also the point that Seiken Densetsu 3 is -not- Secret of Mana 2. I personally agree with this, analytically-speaking the "3" is relevant to a good number of factors in the game. While it wouldn't necessarily hurt -that- much if it were removed, it's a subtle nudge in a particular subconscious direction, and that would be lost if it were changed to something else. It's not a matter of purity or prefering the romaji to English; I'm generally all in favor of changing title screens to make more sense in the target language I'm hacking to (which is almost exclusively English.) But as the 3 in SD3 has deeper meaning, and it's a "3", not a "2"
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