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Default I made two designs, one romaji/one english.

Sorry, I deleted the images in my Photosite to replace them with one I had recently edited to have the cloud background which I linked in another forum, not realizing it would delete the previous images I had linked to here. And yes, it would be nice to have a better looking title screen, but I don't know how to hack the new title into a rom-patch, I thought maybe someone here might know how to do that, if so, mail me.

Or grab the archive at the bottom and rename to "SD3-SoM2 Screens.rar"
For some reason, the board keeps changing the extension to ".php"[at] I have the Photoshop version of these with removable layers.
I used the "Ultima" font for the game title, and the Final Fantasy font to make the Squaresoft logo.
And here's where I got fonts.

> The two links to the JPGs are not working.
> It'd be neat to get a 'proper' title screen for Seiken
> Densetsu 3.

C:Serverxampphtdocszopharoldwwwthrea... PSD's.rar
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