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Default Re: What the hell is with these anonymous phone calls?

> Has this ever happened to any of you?

I'm not the only one this keeps happening to? The calls I keep getting are from "the mortgage branch" (naturally, as if I know which mortgage branch they're talking about), and one in Spanish where all I can understand is "press one". It has NOTHING to do with giving your number out, and the calls I'm getting should be illegal because they're coming to my CELL PHONE. One of these days I think I'll call up my service provider and see if there's anything they can do about it... Stupid phone spam/scams (I assume if I DO "press one" money will suddenly disappear from somewhere).

If you have caller ID, is it a completely random area code and number every time? That's what mine are. It drives me crazy, since I haven't given out my number to anybody but friends, family, and one employer... My mom keeps getting them, too, same kinds of automated calls, and not even all of our friends know hers. I'm guessing in my case it has something to do with Virgin Mobile somehow, since that's what both of our phones are on? Yours probably has to be different, though, since it's your house phone...
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