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Default Re: 2 Sega CD problems

> With the right tools, you can turn 'em into Bin/Cues.

Oh for fuck's sake. The whole point of the BIN/CUE dump is that they're supposed to be accurate to what's on the CD, so you can burn it back to disc. Converting an ISO/MP3 dump to BIN/CUE just confuses the issue by potentially leaving us with several BIN/CUE dumps, only one of which can be the actual original. The others will have degraded audio quality at least and may not even work properly if they were made from a bad ISO/MP3 dump.

If it's an ISO/MP3, leave it as an ISO/MP3. You're not going to be gaining anything by turning it into a BIN/CUE because the data that was lost can't be regained now. You're just going to make everything even more complicated than it already is.
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