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Default Re: 2 Sega CD problems

> Lunar eh? I vaguely remember asking something like this a
> long while back, and it was related to added silence at the
> beginning of each of the mp3s when they were ripped, which
> is what caused the seeming visual desync.

> I believe trimming the silence would fix that issue for you,
> although I can't help you with your other issue.

I had exactly the same issue way back, and I can tell you that trimming them is easier said than done. Without an independent frame of reference (e.g. an original copy and a SegaCD to compare with), then any changes are pure guesswork. I deleted all of my ISO+MP3 files and made myself promise to only use BIN+CUE rips in the future.

As for the other issue, it may have something to do with the fact that Steve Snake thinks as I do, and only added ISO+MP3 support after many requests. You'll not get much support actually running them in Kega Fusion, especially as Steve seems to have gone walkabout again.
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