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Default 2 Sega CD problems

I'm no nube to emulation, but I am trying Sega CD for the first time and I've got issues. I'm loading the games, Lunar 1 & 2 and some others, via the ISO and MP3 method. I've tried this on KEGA Fusion and Gens and have had some trouble with both. The games always load and start OK, so I know the bios files are correct. Here is what is going on;

I get background sounds, but no voices or music. I pretty sure the MP3 files are named correctly.

I get background sounds AND music and voices, but they are out of synch with the cut scenes, at least in Lunar. For example, in Lunar 2 the characters voices have stopped talking, but the lips of the Anime cut scene are still moving for like 5 or 10 seconds without hearing any voices. Also, you can tell by the movie the sound doesn't match. The audio is always a bit behind the video. I THINK I have "perfect Synch checked.

So, what am I doing wrong?
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