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In an attempt to relieve the unemployed's feelings
Did you guys know Edman hasn't logged on since September?
minus recently in Dec 22 four days ago, but obviously the phrase "I read all threads anyway" couldn't have applied in the course of that one day, so even if all this was done before then he'd probably still not notice.

What little I did see is that if he did log on he checked any PMs he got usually replied at first, mostly went as far as "Searching Forums," so yeah.

And yes Edman made Reaper Man an admin before that long period, not having been a member way back when before the site sold to see all the trouble he got into. He kinda never saw the various complaint threads back when there were just super moderators, not to insult the poor guys or anything

And hey, duh Edman cares, I believe in making a difference! But man Mr. Reap sure can speak, and my part I guess obviously it was already made here

Wishes everyone.. I'll still hang out we can never forget this place right?
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