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Default SMILE version 0.40

SMILE is now at version 0.40 . . . Here's what's new:
-set bomb timer
-set maximum # of bombs, beams, or missiles Samus can use at once
-easier handling of music control/track
-barrier tiles (you go through them, enemies don't)
-create/load/save enemy palettes to/from Tile Layer

That last one is pretty nice, if I do say so myself. I know SMILE handles palette changes already, but you can't directly see how it's affecting your critter. This helps you visualize the enemy in TLP (correct palettes do that) and also allows you to change palettes knowing exactly what the end results are going to be ahead of time. Save them with TLP, then load them back into SMILE:

Still working on things, just slowly. Beam splitter code is 1/3 done. Lots of ideas are surfacing due to research I've done in the past week.
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