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Originally Posted by Bogard View Post
I should look into getting a n64 controller and a usb adapter.
They rock with the proper emu....I bought one from Swamp about seven or eight years ago at a video game thing. Hell, that was back when Narvick was still here.

Originally Posted by puduhead View Post
I have the latest Dreamsnes. The menu system is very nice! I'm a bit dissatisfied with the overall performance. Disabling sound helps but i'm not a fan of muted games.

I need to check out the GBC thanks for the recommend.
One more: Beats Of Rage. There are so many variations..

Originally Posted by shawn View Post
I think this guys contemplating an auction, he sure has a bunch of shit he could sell.

Looks like he's trying to figure out where he left his car keys.

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