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Originally Posted by ToastyCheesy View Post
Well I managed to at least start the driver. I moved the atikmdag.sys file to a different location, and the driver starts, but not how it's intended, It's basically running as another VGA driver.
Sounds like your mainboard doesn't like the card. Is it correctly inserted? Are all contactpins clean? Have you tried to update the mainboard bios?

Originally Posted by ToastyCheesy View Post
On a side note, Anyone know how I can recover a hard drive? It's a Maxtor DiamondMax 20, but it won't even spin up, or turn on or anything. when you turn it on, you can hear a faint click when you hold your ear up to it, but besides that, it does nothing. This started happening when I came home from being out of state.
I think you should check your mainboard and your powersupply. Perhaps it's an energy issue? I would also exchange the HDD cable. That's sometimes helpful.

Besides that you could try a knoppix CD or other linux CD to boot and check the system.

Ah, perhaps you should check the CPU temperature and your RAM, too. I had some serious problems and blue screens, driver errors etc. because my RAM was defect. Just ensure these parts are okay.

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