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Originally Posted by ToastyCheesy View Post
I have just gotten an Asus AH3450 Radeon (re-branded on Ati HD Radeon 3450)
But I am having trouble installing the driver software for it. The disc that came with it hasn't worked, I also tried the official Ati drivers, and the latest drivers on the Asus website. Windows XP was just giving me a black screen with a blinking dos cursor, However in Windows 7, I receive a BSOD message with atikmdag.sys at fault. Any help would be appreciated, thanks does it normally use OEM drivers (the ones from Asus' website, I presume)? If that is the case, try these drivers....they are based on the normal ATI ones, yet should install on any card, OEMs included. I use them on my laptop here because they are far superior to the OEM drivers from HP I'm supposed to use.
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