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Hi there!

My name is Shadow, but not the Shadow you might know. I'm the one who founded Star Trans back in the better days of the scene. Star Trans was a German Romhacking Crew. I was involved in the following projects:

Final Fantasy 6, SNES
Legend of Mana, PSX
Phantasy Star 4, MD
and some others... as romhacker, translator and coordinator.

I loved these times. And I was proud to submit many patches to Zophar.
I also liked the technical files which helped me to understand the deeper logic of the console architecture. In Germany I supported also the other groups like G-Trans, Alemanic, SKUSS and Enigma. As a special partnership I remember ManuLoewe who retranslated FF6 and other games. He was also known as Cyan.

You can't imagine how important was for us in Germany. It was _THE_ source for anything.

Congratulations to zophars relaunch.
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