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Default Visual Boy Advance saving help

Hi im new to all this and I need some help.

Everytime I play a game on this, (lets say Pokemon Blue, as thats the one I keep trying over and over with), I save both in-game and on the emulator. Ok it saves. It shows up in the save states and I can load.

Then if I close the emulator, by just closing it, turning off comp, for any reason: When I load it back up, theres no save states and I cant load the game from what I saved in the game. Basically once I exit the emulator then open up a new one and try again, it's like I never saved at all. Help thanks.

P.S. Its on Visual Boy Advance, it happens for all the games I try, and the game itself runs fine, it's just a problem with saving.

P.S.S. When I just try to load (not the save states), I can find what I saved, but when I load it, nothing happens. At all. Thanks in advance
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