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Originally Posted by Odb718 View Post
I've recently finished work on my NES Metroid hack.
I've been working on it over 9 years, so I'm pretty excited that it's done!

Samus' suit is redesigned, all of the maps have been edited, title screen, mission text, credits, and item locations. So a lot. <img src=smilies/thumb.gif>

I didn't mess with any of the weapons and power ups. To me the original Metroid nailed it, so why mess with it?

I want to thank Snowbro and snarfblam. Metedit got me started on the hack but it had a ton of problems until Editroid was released.
First of all, if you're going to release a hack, you really need to release a patch in IPS format. There are other formats, currently IPS is the standard. Along with that IPS patch is documentation about your hack such as a description, versions and an update history, credits, etc. If you don't do this, you won't see your hack posted at any of the archives anytime soon. I suggest that you view hacks in this database and read the documentation for examples on how to do this. You also need a IPS patcher to make a IPS patch. You can get one here or at ROM

Second of all. You don't need those gigantic images in the rar file, those are what you post at a personal website. If you do have images in the patch archive, make them small. Some people even have a manual for a hack with their patch.

Third of all. Some may not be familiar with a game, so it may be wise to post before and after images so that they can view your work. I have become interested in playing a hack after some people doing it this way and I often do it that way as well.

Also, use UBBC code and not HTML code for screen shots. According to my account, HTML is turned off and I can't turn it on.

I am familiar with the title screen hack and it is a good job. I looked at the maps and if they are different than the original, than that was quite a bit of work. If you've been working on a hack for that long, you must indeed enjoy Metroid.

And oh yeah, perhaps you don't know how to hack stats and various things. I also think that starting off with 30 energy is rather low and under-balanced for the game.
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