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Default Game Gear to Master System hacks

This page is dedicated to the discussion of converting Game Gear games to Master System games. Feel free to post any questions, comments, or even your own conversions. If you don't have real hardware to test (SMS/Genesis & a ROM cart), many readers here will offer to test for you.

If you're going to submit patches for review and to post on the GG2SMS page, please upload them as a zip file, using the following file formatting. I know it's a pain, but I've spent countless hours updating other people's formatting and it's very hard to keep up.

Here's a how-to video, for people who prefer those over written instructions:

- First, check the GG2SMS section to see if a patch already exists:

- Next, go to the corresponding game page to get the proper name formatting:

- Include your patch as an IPS file (NOT an SMS file), formatted to match the name found above, but add "-GG2SMS-#" at the end, with "#" being the version number.

- If an existing version of the patch doesn't already exist in the GG2SMS section, please include a screenshot of the title screen as a PNG, with the same formatting, but "-Title.png" at the end.

- If there's already a patch for the game, feel free to include any screenshot's you'd like in PNG format, showcasing your work.

- Include a readme.txt with all relevant info, including the date and versions.

- Save the above files (minimum the .ips and readme) as "-GG2SMS-#".

Let's say I patched Chicago Syndicate and wanted to call it "version 1". I'd see that the games page is "", so I'd create an ips patch labeled:

I'd then take a screenshot of the title screen and name it (capital 'T'): Aladdin-GG-GG2SMS-Title.png

Finally, I'd create a readme.txt file that looked something like this:
Chicago Syndicate v1 by RetroRGB - 2015-12-31
* Start is Up+1
* Artifacts on menus and around the screen.

Then I'd zip them all into a file called:

Let's say I wanted to add to Revo's Nazo Puyo 2 patch - I'd download the current version and label mine the next revision number. At the time of this post, it's at v1, so I'd label mine: NazoPuyo2-GG-GG2SMS-1.ips.

Then, I'd add my description to the top of the readme:

Nazo Puyo 2 v1 by RetroRGB - 2016-12-31
* Changed colors
* Blah Blah Blah

Then I'd create and upload a zip file to this thread with my latest patch labeled:
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