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Arrow Long over due update....

My laptop recently crashed. My most current version of Samus was lost. I did retrieve a 2nd to newest. I've added 3 or 4 new rooms. A couple secretes have been added. I added a 3rd Ice Beam. Basically, it's better than what I had.
I personally dont like the Ice Beam, so I put it in random spots. But you NEED it for Tourian... HINT HINT.

The Metroid rom has been expanded. I'm not sure how compatable it will be with every emulator out there. I know it works fine with Nestopia.

Since 2008 I've put in a good amount of work on the game. The Wave Beam room has been updated. Some work between Norfair/Ridley was done. Some locations of basic items were moved. One idea I had a long time ago finally got put in Ridley's map.

Kraid's area had a big update for leaving. Before you had to find a bomb access to leave. Now if you dont find it, it should only take 10 extra minutes to get out. You can also find a decent secret in Kraid early.

If you never beat the first upload I'd suggest trying the new version out. If you have, you might like some of the changes.

Find it here >>>
If someone was smart enough to change the patch extension to a nintendo rom extension it might make things easier.

Without snarfblam's work on Editroid this game wouldnt be possible. If you like it a lot, think about thanking him. The newest options of Editroid havent been implimented in this version. I might look into making certain things happen in the future. For now I'm uploading this because of the amount of work/differences from the uploaded version of it.

Questions, just ask.
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