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I agree with rimsky for the most part. I don't think that an entire database can be "stolen" if those codes belong to the original code hacker. The only act that's considered "stealing" is if labeled a code that you made with another code hacker's name and as far as I'm concerned, that has not happened.

Personally, I have nothing against you, Rune. I just think that you contradicted yourself a lot in these recent posts and you're not practicing what you're preaching.

Originally Posted by Rune @ GSC
The people who had stolen the database did not hack all of the codes. From there, your argument has been nullified. I did not steal an entire website's years of work.

FYI, the codes of mine have also ended up in the GH db without my permission yet they are still there, 99% without proper credit. The last 1% are those that I actually posted recently so they weren't stolen like all of the rest were.
[url][/url] (Press F3 and search GMO)
^ This is a thread I viewed awhile ago over at GSC and it seems like there was an altercation between you and Ralf vs GMO. Ralf, a moderator on GSC, was accused of code theft because his Custom ASM Code was exactly the same as dcx2's. Anyone with knowledge of assembly would know that when writing a Custom ASM code, the chances of your code resembling another's is highly unlikely in comparison to a typical RAM Code. Here, it seems as if Ralf used the same instructions, registers, etc. as dcx2.

Anyways, let's get back to this "permission" issue. Later in that thread, GMO clearly stated that GSC no longer has permission to hosts his codes on the site ever.

Here's proof:

Your response to this was:

In the end, GMO was banned from GSC because of this (most likely). GMO later started a [url=]thread[/url] on about this. If that GSC thread is altered, I hope these two images would provide enough evidence.

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