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Default Re: My Nintendo DS is not switching into GBA mode

> Thanks for the help...I got the programs but I'm more
> intrigued about launching them straight from the DS-X's menu
> by "converting" them into nds roms. I'm trying NDSStation
> 1.2.1 but all I get is the neoflash compo title on the top
> and a black screen at the bottom even when I select to run
> it from PSRAM...

Converting them? Does this 'wrap' the GBA title in a loader that loads it into the 3-in-1 and then executes GBA mode or something? I think I read about gbaldr on sounded like people had decent enough luck with that proggie though apparently there is another program like this made by another dev called Rudolph.

NDSStation I've never heard of...does it work like I'm guessing above?
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