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Default Re: My Nintendo DS is not switching into GBA mode

> Never mind, I'm an idiot...I have to copy a file into it
> first...I found the 3 in one expansion pack and it works
> good except that it's not saving the sram games...but I
> guess I have to patch the rom....

Aaaah, good, you figured it out. Yeah, the 3-in-1 is basically a RAM can use it to run GBA stuff but it doesn't actually have an GBA code stored in it except when you load it onto the thing (and then your slot-1 card, presumably an EZ-Flash, takes care of switching to GBA mode).

If you want a good patcher, try the program GBATA. If you can't find it anywhere, let me know and I'll put up for download, or shoot you an e-mail with it.
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