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In order to view Japanese characters in Hex Workshop, you need to enable Japanese in the Windows IME which is in the Control Panel under Regional & Language Settings. But if you're just wanting to make a table file, I would recommend JWPce which is a free Japanese Word Processing application. It is able to view/save in multiple Japanese formats (SJIS, EUC, Unicode) without needing to do anything within Windows itself.

As for hex editing, the current standard for ROM hacking is WindHex. It can also view Japanese without the need of any external tools, provided you have a Japanese table for it to use. (WindHex also has a table making utility built in, but personally I use Table Auto-Generator to create tables, but that's because I wrote TAG to work in the manner I felt best, so obviously I'm a bit biased.)

VBA has various tools for viewing the graphics that are currently loaded. The OAM Viewer will let you view sprites, the Map Viewer will display the various layers of the background (non-sprite) images and the Tile Viewer will display the current tile map.
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