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Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
But she is right. Successful projects ALWAYS have a top motivated leader behind the stages.
Putting aside for a moment whether that's true, you're missing the point of my previous post. If condition A is necessary for success, failure doesn't necessarily mean condition A wasn't met. Any of a number of other things could be the hitch. In a case where one doesn't actually know any real details, it's arguably wise to avoid drawing firm conclusions from that particular example.

That said, I disagree with your claim above. There are plenty of real-world examples of successful collaborations --particularly when dealing with just two or three people-- in which the collaborators cooperated on equal footing. Even if you were to limit the scope of your statement to software projects, you'd be wrong; I know programmers who have worked on projects that could serve as counterexamples.

That's not to argue against having a single strong project leader- it's often a good idea, particularly for software development. It's merely that there are few phenomena involving people for which one can safely use the word "ALWAYS" (in all caps, no less =P). Insisting on such an absolute is a bit presumptuous.
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