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Originally Posted by leilei View Post
He doesn't have to back that claim up when the obvious is presented. There's only one person escalating the drama. Dial up Sherlock Holmes and find out who!
*yawn* that question in a way was rhetorical, since I wasn't doing anything childish to begin with. The most I've even done was state that he was being stupid in sticking with that emulator to run a BAD dump for fuck sake, and guess what, it IS a stupid reason to be running an outdated emulator, especially when he could easily find a good, clean dump in a matter of minutes. He's so damn closed minded about the whole thing, if you would fuck it, it would bleed.

Originally Posted by leilei View Post


OH NO THATS NOT ACCURATE well i'm using a 486 so eat it
At least your reason is valid. Why you would be using a 486 is beyond me though. >.>
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