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Default Re: But I WANT to Use DSL Instead of Dial-up!

Ack, *never* use the ISPs software for a DSL connection. Not only is it usually bloated and buggy, but you'll run into shit like you are now.

When I was a DSL user, I used</a>. Installation is fairly striaght forward:

Decompress the archive to a folder.

Right Click "My Network Places", and go to properties.

Choose "Local Area Connection", and right click it.

Now choose "Install".

Highligh "Protocol", then click "Add".

Choose "Have Disk" here, and point it to wherever you decompressed RASPPPOE.

Once this is installed, click Start, choose Run, the type RASPPPOE.

From here I'm kind of fuzzy: I believe you choose "Query All Available Services", and it'll pop up with your modem. You can then tell it to make a shortcut to this, and when you run that you put in your username and info.

Also be sure that you have a driver if you're using a USB interface to it, and if you're using Vista, tough shit: It supposedly has built in PPPoE support, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's in various degress of broken.
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