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Default Re: XP-- USB Storage Devices not working!!!

> I can't get XP to recognize any USB storage devices. I've
> tried system restore etc... and all other USB devices that
> are not storage based are still working. It feels like I've
> tried everything...

Since it's only storage devices, this is probably not the problem, but... are you able to try another USB slot? There could be some issue with the slot you're using, or there could be something that XP just hates about that slot. Also, there is a chance that for some reason the slot you're working with isn't providing POWER to the devices-- I've had that trouble a few times before, and it caused the drives not to function (despite my opinion that the only purpose for powering the drives is really the LED on them). Not all devices require a "powered" slot (honestly, I don't know if there's a technical term for this), but a some do, and thus far I've only really noticed that with-- go figure-- storage devices.

Come to think of it, do you have anything with a light that turns on when you plug it into a USB slot? I personally have an old iPod Shuffle I got as a gift that would make this easy to test... basically, its LED pops on when it notices it's plugged into a valid slot, and it starts blinking orange to indicate that it's charging if it can receive power and is recognized by the OS (I believe). If it doesn't respond, probably you can't get power from it and your drives are being weird due to that.
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