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> Thanks (wraith), by chance do you have a 3500+? I just
] upgraded to exactly that, myself. And only because
> Microcenter was out of 3700+s. To be honest, it's nowhere
> near 75% faster than my old 2000+, as the bullshit marketing
> numbers would suggest. I'd say 35-50% faster, which is more
> in line with the MHz difference.

My bad, I have the 2.0 ghz (3200+)... bought it months ago and have since put together machines for friends/family--got mixed up with what I went with myself. Prices keep falling and I may have to upgrade again .

> Sadly, I just nuked the scanlines. They totally die on this
> lousy Radeon 7500 I'm forced to use (no AGP slots on my new
> mainboard). Planning to buy a GeForce PCIe with my tax
> return. I'll probably add them back then.

Rough business, no AGP. At this point, you're almost better off to wait and get a PCIe... kinda wish I had had the cash to go that road myself (Indigo Phophecy won't run well at max res on my Radeon 9800... games are starting to catch up with processor/gpu speed!)

> Savestates will get in there eventually. I'm kind of
> hesitant to start on them because I don't know how I want to
> do them yet. I can get into specifics if anyone actually
> cares.

I'm sure it's complex, where your emu has such specific timing and accuracy. It's not really a necessity (obviously (unless you use them to cheat, haha)), but it makes life much more convenient when you need to get away quickly and the save point is far, far away.
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